Pocket Plan

Pocket Plan 3.00

Control and manage a project from your Pocket PC

Pocket Plan is a project planner which is similar to, and compatible with, Microsoft Project. Pocket Plan is supported on Pocket PC 2000/2002/2003 and HPC 2000 devices.

Imagine you're a project manager and you are in a meeting with your boss and he says "we need that project finishing two months early - how many extra people do you need"? ...so you take your Pocket PC out of your jacket and using Pocket Plan come up with an answer straight away!

That is the power of Pocket Plan running on a Pocket/Handheld PC - take your project plans with you wherever you go, without having to carry a heavy laptop! Update plans at a moments notice and then sync the plan with your desktop PC when your return to the office.

Key features of Pocket Plan include:

  • Project recalculation taking into consideration dependencies, working hours and holidays
  • Gantt charts
  • Holiday scheduling
  • Cost estimating
  • Project tracking
  • Can read and write Microsoft Project files

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Pocket Plan


Pocket Plan 3.00

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